Meet me, May!

Hi everyone!

I personally would love to thank you for visiting Humble Speech's website. Humble Speech was created based on my confusion in learning languages. I was pretty frustrated because I didn't know where to start. All I knew was I wanted to be able to speak a foreign language. Over time, I began to find solutions to the source of my frustration in learning languages and I would love you share them with you. 


With more than 5 years of experience teaching English and Bahasa Indonesia to 50+ students from across the globe, I can help you design your language learning path. Humble Speech is a suitable platform for you who tries to fit into the new regulations of this limited situation of minimizing offline meetings, and, of course, those who have a very packed schedule to learn a language because of #ALLWEDOONLINE. I am not here only to teach you but also to share tips and tricks to meet your goals in learning languages. Is the feeling mutual? Because I cannot wait to see you in the class!


May, Founder

  • Acting as a consultant

With more than five years of experience in tutoring, we have learned that the central issue of learning a language is that the student is not fully aware of the purpose of learning the language itself. We will be a good listener for you to share your goals and help you find solutions to achieve your goals. Feel free to give us feedback about what kind of class that you expect. 


  • Acting as a tutor

After we fully understand and get a picture of your goals, we will create a module based on your goals and deliver that accordingly.

  • Acting as a study partner

You do not need to feel nervous or intimidated. We will create a friendly class environment where you feel comfortable asking as many questions as you want. We can also assist you in doing your assignment. Remember, we are not only your tutor but also your study partner who keeps you motivated to learn!