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The intention of learning a new language is always there, but what is the first step?

There are so many methods, ways, and options to learn a language. But, how do you know that is the one suitable for you? Humble Speech acts like a consultant, tutor, and partner for you to learn English or Bahasa Indonesia.


​English is an access key for you to meet more people worldwide, expand your business or career paths internationally, and there are so many journals, papers, or even books for you to understand written in English. ‘I want to speak English, but I am confused about how should I start to learn? Should I start to learn grammar first? Should I start with pronunciation?’ You do not need to worry! You may tell your whole goals and concerns about learning English, and we will help you find the solutions.


Urgently need an interpreter for an online meeting with Indonesian clients? Or do you need someone who can be your interpreter to talk to your foreign clients? Humble Speech gives you an easy solution to book a freelance interpreter according to your need. As your interpreter of Bahasa Indonesia to English or English to Bahasa Indonesia, we will support the communication smoothness between you and your clients. 

Bahasa Indonesia

​If Indonesia is your destination to study, work, or start a business, learning Bahasa Indonesia should be listed as one of your top priorities. Even though most Indonesians would consider themselves bilingual, it does not guarantee that the language and the cultural barrier would not happen. Start from ordering food, calling a taxi, asking for directions, or even giving warm greetings to your Indonesian clients. It is always helpful to learn the local language to overcome any barriers or obstacles. Speaking the local language would show more warm respect to your colleagues, friends, clients, or business partners. Understandably, learning a foreign language can be challenging. But, Humble Speech is here to help you with the journey. Join us to study with an experienced Indonesian tutor!

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